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"Own Your History"

A leadership course on the creative edge

“The work you are doing is really important and sensitive to what is happening culturally in America. OYH and REP seem to be exemplary models of educational curricula that should be part of the new History and Social Studies standards and frameworks in all the states of the union.  …  I applaud your vision.”   Public High School Principal (retired), California


“I have very much enjoyed reading the outline (very well developed outline!) for the course. One of the aspects I most appreciate about your work is the clarity of purpose and the focus on understanding larger questions through case studies. From my experience, that is the best method to make accessible large abstract concepts and goals.” Academic Dean, Private School, Tennessee


“This sounds like an excellent project and it would be great to get [this university] involved.”  Vice Dean for the Humanities, Professor of the Humanities, Private University, California


“I see this an innovative curriculum that is filling a void in most all realms of education, but especially in the Social Sciences. . . . I can honestly say this is a program that would be unbelievable for 8th grade students. If fact I am so impressed I was hoping you and I along with our 8th grade history teacher could talk further about changing the course for the 2016-17 year and adopt your entire curriculum.” History Department Chairman, Private School, Florida


“This looks like an amazing program and we’d love to help you pilot it.” History Teacher, Public High School, Maryland


“I am excited about the direction you are headed and the ideas you are working to promote. I will peruse the units you’ve included,. . . both for where I see it possible to incorporate, and what would be helpful to me as an eighth grade teacher. I’m looking forward to collaborating with you.” History Teacher, Private School, California

“We will begin to consider one or two possible pilot schools.” Coordinator, Secondary History/Social Sciences,Division of Instruction, Large Public School District, California


“I want to pilot particular units of [the OYHL course] in class this year.” History Department Chairman, Private School, Tennessee


“Your project sounds exciting and valuable.” Professor of History emeritus, State University, Colorado


“This is wonderful material.  Very, very exciting work.” Private School Teacher, Maryland